4 Common Embedded Analytics Myths Dispelled

4 Common Embedded Analytics Myths Dispelled

Embedded analytics has transformed how SaaS products deliver insights to users, offering plug-and-play components that streamline the integration of interactive data visualizations into web apps. Despite its advantages, some SaaS teams remain hesitant to embrace off-the-shelf solutions due to misconceptions surrounding multi-tenancy, particularly in terms of data access control. Let's debunk these myths and shed light on the benefits of robust multi-tenant embedded analytics solutions.

What exactly is multi-tenant embedded analytics?

Multi-tenancy is a critical feature of embedded analytics platforms, enabling a single web app to provide tailored analytics to multiple clients or users while ensuring data access control.

Imagine owning a marketing agency with a web app designed to report on marketing campaigns for various clients. You want each client to access their campaign data exclusively. With the right access control setup, you can create a single dashboard that caters to all clients, displaying only the data they're authorized to view.

Setting up access control may initially seem complex, but let's address some common concerns and see how embedded analytics solutions like Onvo AI can simplify the process.

Myth 1: Setting up multi-tenant analytics is too complex

Setting up user access rights can appear daunting, especially for those new to customer-facing analytics. Integrating with existing authentication systems and managing access rules may seem challenging. However, with Onvo AI, granting users access to specific data becomes effortless. You can seamlessly align existing access rules with Onvo AI, ensuring users only see the data they're authorized to access. This is done using session and user parameters, you can refer to this page from our documentation for more details: https://docs.onvo.ai/get-started/managing-multiple-users

Myth 2: Embedded analytics lack security

Data privacy and security are paramount concerns, particularly when integrating external software for customer-facing analytics. However, Onvo AI prioritizes data security by using disposable embed tokens that grant access to predefined datasets and dashboards. These tokens offer granular control over data access, providing peace of mind to developers handling sensitive customer data.

Myth 3: Scaling embedded analytics is prohibitively expensive

Concerns about escalating costs as user bases grow are common. However, Onvo AI offers multi-tenant analytics across all pricing tiers, including basic plans. With a usage-based pricing model, you only pay for what you use, making it a cost-effective solution for scaling tailored analytics to a growing user base.

Myth 4: DIY analytics are superior to off-the-shelf solutions

While building analytics in-house may seem appealing, it can be inefficient in terms of time and resources. Maintaining custom-built solutions requires ongoing development and security updates, whereas embedded analytics solutions like Onvo AI handle development, maintenance, and advanced functionalities, allowing developers to focus on delivering value to users.

In conclusion, embedded analytics solutions like Onvo AI offer a hassle-free way to implement secure, multi-tenant dashboards rapidly. By addressing common misconceptions, businesses can leverage off-the-shelf solutions to provide users with personalized insights effectively.

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