Launch update: PostgreSQL integration

Launch update: PostgreSQL integration

We are excited to announce that Onvo is now fully integrated with PostgreSQL. In fact we were able to dog-food this integration with our own data since Onvo AI runs on a postgreSQL database. Our integration allows users of Airtable to synchronize their data to Onvo with just one click to build AI powered dashboards and reports using PostgreSQL.

What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is a free and open-source relational database management system emphasizing extensibility and SQL compliance.

How do I activate this integration?

To activate the Onvo-PostgreSQL-Integration, simply login to your Onvo account, go to Data sources click on “New data source”. You can now choose the option for PostgreSQL DB and click on "Connect". You will then be redirected to a configuration page where you can enter the database credentials and the query needed to get the view you want.

What can I do with this integration?

You can pull in data from multiple tables as data sources on Onvo to build your dashboards and reports. Any datasource using the PostgreSQL integration will be kept in sync with the underlying database to keep your dashboards live.

You can create beautiful, interactive dashboards using your PostgreSQL data. Just ask for the kind of visualisation you want in natural language to create a widget on the dashboard. You can also ask for data pre-processing before visualisation. We also allow for questions in natural language to your data on PostgreSQL.

If you prefer to have a tabular view of your data, you can create a report on Onvo which will then be available to download as a CSV or Excel file. And just like with a dashboard, you can ask questions from your data.

Once you are happy with your dashboards and reports, you can integrate them into your products with your easy to use SDK.

No Coding Required

Our PostgreSQL integration is a simple plug-and-play integration with no coding efforts on your end. Simply authorize, create a data source, and the real time data exchange between PostgreSQL and Onvo begins.

How do I create a dashboard using multiple tables?

On Onvo, you can do this in two ways:

  1. You can write an SQL query with a join on a single datasource so that the datasource has all the relevant data to begin with
  2. You can optionally create 2 separate data sources and make sure you mention the field used to correlate the data in the "fields" tab. This will enable the AI to write the necessary code to join the data without having to write complicated join queries.

If you have any questions regarding the Airtable integration or face any issues, do reach out at If there are additional integrations you would like to see on Onvo, let us know at