Power of Embedded Analytics: 9 Inspiring Examples to Guide Your Journey

Power of Embedded Analytics: 9 Inspiring Examples to Guide Your Journey
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Embedded analytics has emerged as a transformative tool for SaaS companies looking to deliver greater value to their users. It empowers end-users to gain deep insights into their application usage and how it addresses their pain points. The beauty of modern Business Intelligence (BI) solutions is that incorporating embedded analytics need not be complex or cost prohibitive.

However, where do you start if you're unsure of the path to follow? In this blog, we've curated a collection of stunning embedded analytics examples to ignite your inspiration and set you on the path to leveraging the full potential of embedded analytics.

  1. E-commerce Embedded Analytics Dashboard by Onvo

Onvo, a leading player in the realm of embedded analytics, has empowered e-commerce businesses to elevate their data experience. In this curated collection, we showcase the transformative power of Onvo's embedded analytics through a series of stunning e-commerce dashboard examples. These dashboards are designed to provide e-commerce entrepreneurs with deep insights into their operations, customer behavior, and overall business performance.

zapfloor proptech dashboard

  1. Marketing Dashboard by Selligent

Selligent Marketing Cloud, a European marketing automation company with a global customer base, excels in tracking advertising and email metrics. To enhance their user experience, they introduced an embedded analytics dashboard showcasing vital product metrics. This dashboard features key performance indicators like open rates, click-through rates, email deliverability, and overall ROI. For their premium clients, Selligent introduced a white-label dashboard builder, offering true end-user analytics.

selligent marketing dashboard

  1. Construction Industry Dashboard by Apogea

Apogea, a consulting company operating in the construction industry, aimed to stand out by embracing digitalization. They crafted a 3D-enabled dashboard enabling data-driven decisions in construction projects. Apogea's customers can construct their customized dashboards, explore data interactively through various charts and graphs, and highlight insights on 3D construction project models. With real-time data analytics, they can filter apartments based on size, materials, location, and other criteria, elevating their decision-making to new heights.

apogea construction dashboard

  1. Project Management Dashboard by Timewax

Timewax, a SaaS company specializing in project and resource management, catered to clients handling multiple projects simultaneously. Clients in agencies, engineering, and ICT sectors were eager for dashboards. The Timewax project management dashboard now empowers users to track time and resource allocation, project profitability, and budget utilization. It's a valuable asset for decision-makers across different industries.

timewax project management dashboard

  1. Fintech Dashboard by Commspace

Commspace, a commission management platform for financial advisors, embedded comprehensive dashboards within their product. These dashboards encompass commission allocation reports, revenue stream risks, client portfolio insights, and more. The wealth of KPIs provided helps financial advisors make informed decisions while managing revenue splits from their services.

commspace fintech dashboard

  1. Meeting Efficiency Dashboard by 24Sessions

24Sessions, a video meeting platform (now part of Messagebird), aimed to revolutionize how large businesses conduct meetings. They introduced data visualizations into their platform, revealing insights such as video meeting durations, participant satisfaction levels, booking frequency, and more. These insights highlighted the value of their platform, proving it as a viable alternative to traditional, time-consuming meetings.

24sessions time efficiency dashboard

  1. Municipality Tool Dashboard by Statbel

Statbel, the Belgian Bureau of Statistics, broke the mold of traditional government institutions by adopting embedded analytics. They grant access to extensive data on Belgian municipalities, including population statistics, age demographics, income distribution, and more. This transparency enables journalists, researchers, and the curious to explore Belgian cities through self-service analytics, eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets or datasets.

statbel statistics dashboard

  1. Gardening Dashboard by CurieuzeNeuzen

Embedded analytics isn't exclusive to business applications. CurieuzeNeuzen, a Belgian organization, distributed soil sensors to over 5,000 households to study the impact of climate changes on gardens and homes in Flanders. They incorporated an intuitive user interface with visualizations, making it accessible for users to explore their garden's data. This unique application of embedded analytics demonstrates its versatility beyond traditional business use cases.

  1. Office Bookings Dashboard by Workero

Workero, a SaaS platform connecting office space seekers with providers, delivered data-driven insights to both audiences. This includes information on nearby offices, available sublease space, associated costs, and revenue generated from subleased spaces. Real-time data updates via API connections ensure users have access to the most current information for informed decision-making.

office bookings dashboard

Create Your Own Embedded Analytics Dashboard

These examples underscore the myriad capabilities of embedded analytics for empowering users to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights from your product. For business owners, embedded analytics provides a competitive edge and a superlative user experience. The best part? You can create dashboards like the ones above, entirely free. Join Onvo today and embark on the journey of crafting your first embedded analytics dashboard within hours, without the need for a developer team.

Embedded analytics has indeed transformed the way companies deliver value to their users, and with the right approach, it can revolutionize your business too. Start your embedded analytics journey today!

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